As required by Wisconsin’s recycling law, the recycling requirements apply to everyone in the state at all residences and places of work or play (from Pub WA-422 2022 Wisconsin Waste Reduction and Recycling Law). As such, the Village contracts with various companies to provide both free and fee recycling and waste disposal services and reviews the program annually to ensure quality of service and adjust fees as needed. The Village currently has agreements with Rightaway Rolloff, LLC and Best Choice to provide the following free and fee services:

Free services include:

Metal Recycling Dumpster: Anything over 50% metal such as shelving, stoves, washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, old burning barrels (emptied), stainless steel, etc.

Recycling Dumpster: Paper (newsprint, magazines, catalogs, etc), glass (bottles, jars, ceramics, etc.), cans (steel and tin) and plastics (bottles, bowls, tubs, etc.). Cardboard boxes are acceptable but must be broken down and flat. Shredded paper must be confined in a paper bag. (Check the Recyclable Materials List for a current list of acceptable and non-recyclable items.)

Aluminum Cans: A separate dumpster has been provided for aluminum cans.

Fee Services:

Garbage Dumpster: Only pre-printed yellow Village of Radisson garbage bags are accepted for the disposal of solid waste. The bags are $3.00 each and can be purchased at the Recycling Center.

Large Item Dumpster: This dumpster is for items which are not allowed in the other dumpsters (are not recyclable, are not at least 50% metallic or do not fit in the pre-printed yellow garbage bags), such as mattresses, furniture, etc. The disposal fee for these items is $2.00 per cubic foot (length x width x height in inches divided by 1728) EXCEPT for the following items (which have been pre-calculated):

Kitchen/dining chair – $7.00/chair

Easy chair – $19.00/chair

Loveseat – $38.00/chair

3-seat Sofa – $57.00/sofa

Larger than 3-seat sofa – add $19.00 extra

Mattress (in addition to the fee listed below, all mattresses and box springs carry an additional handling fee of $15.00/each)

Twin Mattress – $16.00/mattress

Twin Box Spring – $16.00/unit ($8.00/unit if low profile)

Full Mattress – $28.00/mattress

Full Box Spring – $28.00/unit ($14.00/unit if low profile)

Queen Mattress – $33.00/mattress

Queen Box Spring – $33.00/unit ($16.50/unit if low profile)

King Mattress – $56.00/mattress

King Box Spring – $56.00/unit ($28.00/unit if low profile)

Recycling Center
3507N Wisconsin Avenue
Radisson, WI

The facility is open:

  • Wednesday: 6-8pm
  • Saturday: 8am – Noon

As the DNR Recycling Grant does not cover the costs incurred by the Village to provide recycling services, the Village has an annual recycling fee which is reviewed and adjusted, if needed, during budget discussions. The fee, applicable to all Village property owners, for 2023 (January-December) is $50.00.

The Village Board continually searches for affordable outlets for solid waste items.  However, at this time, the Village is not accepting electronics, tires, oil/oil products, etc.  (Check the Recyclable Materials List for non-recyclable items.)